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1. Click the MyProfile tab
2. Click My Student Profile (center of screen)
3. Click Registration & Planning (left-hand navigation)
4. Click View Schedule (center of screen)
5. Click Schedule Details (about halfway down the page)

Note: You can also click the Print icon in the top-right corner of the page to produce a downloadable/printable version of your schedule.

What to do if your Springfield College password is expired/forgotten

If you can't remember your security questions or your expired password, follow these steps to reset your password. This will affect every college resource that uses a password (like PrideNET) and those that use SSO (Single Sign On) like Zoom, GMail, Brightspace, ADP, etc. 

  1. Go to

  2. Click the option Forgot Password?/Unlock Account

  3. Enter your username and click Continue.

  4. Select the option Reset Forgotten Password, and click Continue.

  5. Select the option One Time Passcode, and click Continue.

  6. Check if the last four digits are from your phone number. If it is not, it says “Call TSC," or you don't receive a text message with the 9-digit code. Call the TSC at (413) 748-4872.

  7. Make sure you see two check marks on your account. If you only see one, the password won't work to login into your email.

  8. Once you've reset your password, you can reset your Challenge Questions and Answers if you forgot them.
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