Help with Passwords

  1. How do I change my password?
  2. I'm locked out
  3. I forgot my password
  4. Password information


After you successfully registered for password management and changed, unlocked, or reset your password, you will then visit to log into PrideNET.

1. How do I change my password?

  1. You'll first need to enroll in our password management system. To enroll, log into PrideNet and click on “Password Management” under Quick Links on the left or click on the following URL:  

  2. Then, log in with your PrideNET userID and enroll in password management self-service.  If you are not automatically instructed to enroll in self-service, you are already enrolled.  

  3. Once enrolled, you will be able to change your password

2. I’m locked out 

  1. Click on the following URL: and verify you are locked out by logging in with your PrideNET username and password.  If you see the following message, you are locked out.

  1. Click “Forgot Password?/Unlock Account

  1. Click Unlock Account and click Continue

  1. Pick one of the recovery option you already set up and click Continue

  1. Enter the eight-digit One Time Passcode sent to the phone you registered

  1. Once you receive the “Account Unlocked Successfully” message, return to and try logging in.


3. I forgot my password

  1. Click on the following URL: 

  2. Click Forgot Password?/Unlock Account

  3. Type your username and click continue

  4. Choose Reset Forgotten Password and click Continue

  5. Choose one of the recovery options you have set up and click Continue

  6. Enter the One Time Passcode you received (or 3 challenge answers if that’s what you chose) and click Continue

  7. Enter your New Password following the Password Complexity Rules on the screen and click Continue.  Note: your password cannot be one of your last 10 passwords.

  8. You will receive a “Password Reset Successfully” message. You should be able now log into

4. Password Information

  • be at least eight characters long 

  • include at least one uppercase letter

  • include at least one lowercase letter

  • include at least one number

  • include at least one special character  

  • not be one of your last 10 passwords

After you change your password, you will need to update your saved password on your mobile devices and for the College wireless network as well as any devices you own (iPhone, iPad, smartphone, etc.)

This same password is and will be used for desktop logins (for staff and in labs), PrideNET, the Google Suite, ADP, Brightspace and others. Springfield College uses a different password for Jenzabar CX, and that already expires on its own schedule.

Passwords expire every 180 days.  If you allow your password to expire, you will not be able to change it yourself and will need to contact the Technology Service Center (TSC) to re-enable your account - a lengthy process, so please make preparations and change your password as soon as you are notified that your password is set to expire.