The Student Account Center is Now Available! Click here to access your profile today!  Important information and "How-To" videos can be found below.


**Please note, that if you have made a payment in PrideNET as of Friday, November 10, 2023 you may not see your payment reflected in your balance on the Student Account Center. When applicable, please rest assure that all associated billing holds have been lifted as we are working to have these payments reflected in the Student Account Center as soon as possible. **


Your new and improved student billing experience, the Student Accounts Center, is now available! Some dates have been moved to accommodate the conversion from our previous system. The following are important billing dates for the upcoming semester:


Important Billing Dates 


Spring 2024 Bills Available 

Week of January 2, 2024

Spring 2024 Billing Due Date

 January 15 , 2024


What This Means for Spring 2024 Bill Payment and 1098-Ts

We understand that due to conversion to the new system, the timeframe from the bill availability date to the billing due date is shorter than usual. You will be able to set up an Authorized User to receive billing communications, view and pay your bill based on grated permissions. We encourage students to create Authorized Users as soon as possible to avoid any complications with bill payment once Spring 2024 bills become available. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us during any part of this process as our office is here to assist with any inquiries and clarifications you may require to navigate the new system. 

We would like to inform students and families that Spring 2024 payments will not be posted until January 2, 2024. This would mean that Spring 2024 payments will not be included on 1098-Ts for tax year 2023. These payments will be included in 1098-Ts for tax year 2024. 


What We Encourage Students To Do in the New Student Accounts Center 

We ask that you access your Student Account Center to handle a few tasks before Spring 2024 bills become available. Please pay attention to the following key tasks below as there may be information that does not transfer from PrideNet. Once you log into your Student Accounts Center be sure to:

  1. Sign your Financial Obligation Agreement as we cannot transfer this information from your Pridenet Financial Portal.

  2. Re-create Authorized Users as we cannot transfer them from your Pridenet Financial Portal. This will help whomever you deem an “Authorized User” to receive billing communications, view and pay your bill based on granted permissions. 

  3. Pay any past due balance to clear your account and remove any holds in preparation for Spring 2024 Registration. 

  4. Re-Enroll to receive e-refunds as we cannot transfer your banking information from your Pridenet Financial Portal.

 Please view our “How-To” tutorial videos below to get a preview of the sparkling new Student Accounts Center and don't forget  that you can refer to this page at any time to easily access these videos once you are able to log in!