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To allow for incoming student registration, traditional undergraduate students will not be able to make any Fall 2023 semester registration changes, including self-registering in PrideNET, between Thursday, 6/1 and Wednesday, 7/5.  


Note: Doctoral students, graduate students, and regional/online undergraduate students are not impacted.  

Concerns about the privacy and safety of Zoom meetings

Recent concerns about the privacy and safety of Zoom meetings have educators and businesses sharing with their employees and teachers important settings that must be enabled to provide secure meetings with your colleagues and students. To ensure that your...

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Welcome to the Zoom information page

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based conferencing tool that will allow us to connect remotely online. Visit the Zoom Help Center if you have questions about how to connect or want to make sure your system and connection speeds meet the minimum Zoom requirements.

What you will need in order to attend a Zoom web conference:

  1. PC/Mac, iPad, or iPhone
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Webcam (optional)
  4. Headset or built-in microphone/speakers. A headset is preferred, but not required.


Method 1: Log in to PrideNET, click on Zoom Icon


Method 2: From


Method 3: From

1. click login

2. select the "Sign in with SSO" option

3. When prompted, type "Springfield" in the "Your company domain" field and

4. click continue.

Springfield College
Technology Service Center
(413) 217-1075





Zoom Self-Help Resources

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom Video Tutorials

PDF Handout for students

Video Conferencing With Zoom