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1. Click the MyProfile tab
2. Click My Student Profile (center of screen)
3. Click Registration & Planning (left-hand navigation)
4. Click View Schedule (center of screen)
5. Click Schedule Details (about halfway down the page)

Note: You can also click the Print icon in the top-right corner of the page to produce a downloadable/printable version of your schedule.

Setting Up Grammarly EDU

The following instructions will help you set up your Grammarly education account with your Springfield College account. 
Please follow the instructions step by step as presented:

  1. Log into PrideNET and click on Brightspace. In Brightspace, at the top, click on Tools-->Grammarly.


  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Fill out the following information using your Springfield College email address

  4. Open the email from Grammarly and click on verify email:

  5. Click on 'No. Thanks. Take me to Grammarly editor.'
  6. You should see the blue EDU badge in Grammarly.
  7. Click "No, thanks. Take me to the Grammarly editor."


  8. Enjoy using Grammarly for Education!
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