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Re: Website Development Services Posted: Sun 12/13/2020 at 9:33 PM, in reply to guest guest

At Miracle, Digital Marketing and Transformation Agency in Hong Kong, we help our clients improve digital services to make them simple, clear and fast. We help our client transform, create and improve their product in a digital way such as branding, web & app design, e-commerce solution, Digital Marketing strategy, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). 

Web Development HK

We are experts in their fields and enjoy challenging work. We work together to share knowledge and build our capability to improve user experiences. This helps us work smarter and more effectively.

We are confident, capable and committed. We nurture curiosity and encourage our people to keep learning. We have flexible work arrangements and a supportive environment. We help our people balance their whole life and be the best version of themselves. 

App Development Agency HK

Web design Agency Miracle Hong Kong understands the importance of a website design that works and converts your target audience into customers. We have acquired the knowledge and experience to understand how people interpret visuals on the web. We take our time to understand your company. Web design Agency Miracle Hong Kong custom build all our websites to your specific needs to ultimately turn each visitor into potential buyers. Shopify Website Development 

Our website design are all fully responsive, this ensures that your website will work at its best on all web-enabled devices including Smartphones and tablets, such as iphones and ipads. It is essential for all web design to be compatible with these devices as their usage continues to grow exponentially. Combined with a user-friendly CMS tailored to your needs, we enable your team to easily manage your site and update content. Website Development Hong Kong

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Re: Website Development Services Posted: Sun 12/13/2020 at 9:37 PM, in reply to guest guest

Miracle Hong Kong has been a leading architectural and interior design Augmented (AR) solutions, Virtual Reality(VR) solutions and 3D content provider in Hong Kong. We explore home remodeling industry, helping businesses to increase both their sales and design efficiency by AR and VR solution Hong Kong. 

Website Design Hong Kong

Miracle Hong Kong AR and VR solution deep-rooted heritage in VFX and CGI production is combined with an industry-defining approach to virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and experiential marketing. We have a proven track record in creating memorable experiences that connect audiences, evoke emotion and leave a positive lasting impression. 

Website Development Hong Kong

We produce quality, story-driven, fully immersive and interactive experiences, and offer new and exciting ways to engage audiences. An outstanding team equipped with extensive skill sets and the latest digital toolkits, we are the one-stop-shop for AR and VR production. 

App Design Hong Kong

Miracle Hong Kong  WebVR solution team of engineers and designers have decades of experience strategizing and developing everything from themed VR worlds to transformative user experiences. WebVR is the most scalable version of VR solution and the most accessible to the masses. 

App Development Hong Kong

WebVR uses your smartphone to run a web browser to produce visuals in a split screen stereo image. Slip the phone into the VR device which then separates the split screen image. The VR device can either be handheld or strapped on to your face. 

VR Showroom HK

Emerged as a powerful tool to link your design with your customers. Miracle realizes your interior design in Virtual Reality. 

VR Interior Design HK

The advantage of VR solution as opposed to via a computer is the fact that the user is able to get a real sense for the dimensions of the object. As the computing power of VR devices improve, allowing graphics to become ever more realistic, virtual showrooms may begin to displace traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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Re: Website Development Services Posted: Sun 12/13/2020 at 9:40 PM, in reply to guest guest

Miracle – App design Agency Hong Kong team create an app that gets featured in the App store and win in the marketplace. We’ve delivered successful apps for clients across the globe with our user-friendly and conversion orientated UX app design and UI app design. Our goals are simple: design and develop brilliant, high‑end software that guarantees results. 

App Design Hong Kong

Whether you’re looking to increase brand engagement, enhance productivity, or cultivate the best online presence for your company, you’ve come to the right place. From conception to completion, App design Agency Miracle’s revolutionary approach to style blows past cookie-cutter designs because we do what others don’t. 

App Development Hong Kong

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. 

Website Development Agency HK

We try to design products that solve specific needs of the users. That means understanding the users first and building empathy before anything else. Our UX App designs work closely with you to go from understanding the experiences we need to create for the users, to building the wireframes, prototyping and doing a remarkable user experience. 

Website Design Agency HK

As an experienced UI App design company our team understands the art and science behind the customer journey. This understanding helps us setting up a user interface and user experience for your platform that is modish in design and easily navigable, with clear calls-to-action. 

eCommerce Website Design









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Re: Website Development Services Posted: Sun 12/13/2020 at 9:45 PM, in reply to guest guest





M3迷你倉成立目的是針對香港地少人多、生活空間不足的問題, 為大埔及鄰近地區的客人提供簡易及可負擔的自助儲物方案, 從而提升生活質素. M3迷你倉重視客人安全、用戶體驗、服務品質及空間衛生, 有見近年政府收緊對迷你倉的消防安全監管, 集團的專業團隊已於前期投放大量資源, 以致迷你倉能夠通過所有消防署及屋宇署檢測, 符合相關條例要求. 




M3迷你倉位於大埔太平工業中心, 鄰近多個大型屋苑, 地埋位置優越. 迷你倉設有全天候二十四小時冷氣恒温抽濕, M3客戶任何時間利用智能咭自助出入並提取或存放物品.

為配合不同客人的需要, M3迷你倉設有不同大小的安全私人儲存空間供客人以短期或長期形式租用, 最小的儲存倉9-18平方呎, 最大可達84平方呎以上, 供存放不同類型的商務或個人物品, 例如公司文件及存貨、轉季衣物、運動器材、影音設計、甚至大型家具等. 





大埔迷你倉M3是本港少數已通過所有消防檢測的迷你倉 [Ref. (458) in FP 16/80352ATE (686959) 及 (677) in FP 16/80352ATE(TP) (808136)], 百分百依照所有消防條例及要求, 保證合規合格. 場內具備完善的消防系統, 包括耐火間隔丶救援窗口面積佔總樓面面積2%丶不被阻擋的窗口佔總樓面面積6.25%丶自動火警警報系統: 危險訊息即時直達消防局丶 消防花灑喉轆, 防火設施一應俱全. 大埔M3迷你倉亦百分百依照屋宇署的規例: 擁有2.4米闊通道丶倉庫離天花不少於1米。M3大埔太平工業中心物業亦屬自置物業,迷你倉客戶可安心作長期儲物用途。






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Re: Website Development Services Posted: Sun 12/13/2020 at 9:46 PM, in reply to guest guest

Why User Experience design is so important | Miracle Digital Hong Kong

In terms of design, user experience design is just as important as user interface design or visual identity. It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. And moreover, they need to enjoy that interaction.  

Website Design Hong Kong

Web Design Agency HK

While User Experience is important for any digital product, it is even more important for certain types of digital products: complex sites or applications, retail or online sales, start-up sites and businesses, small-budget projects and projects or sites that are expected to last a long time. For UX design, users must be able to easily navigate the site and understand how to use it. Neglecting UX can result in a sloppy site that people will not come back or leave your website or app immediately. Design and developing an interaction-rich experience will drive users back to a site and lead to conversion. 

Website Development Hong Kong

Miracle’s UX design
Web Design Agency Miracle User experience experts will first want to understand the goal of the product, the problems it is solving. We also look at what the user does before, during and after taking them in their hands, and why. We create models and wireframes and rely on user feedback for proof or basis for iterations. 

App Design Hong Kong

In order to avoid bias, you first want to think inflows before screens and colors. Web Design Agency Miracle User experience experts determine which research method will get the desired evidence for a hypothesis or answer to a question, and then execute it, with usability testing, user interviews, etc. 

App Development Hong Kong


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