The 2016-2017 Eboard

President - Isis Simmons

Vice President - Deja Ware 

Treasurer - Kimone Walker

Secretary - Crystal Falcon

Public Relations - Catherine Morillo & Aisha Spears 


What is Our Purpose?

The purpose of SSBD is to bridge the gaps between students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. SSBD is here to promote great understanding and tolerance for individual and group differences. SSBD also aims to create strong bonds between the Springfield College Family and the surrounding Community.

Who can be involved?

Any student, whether of full-time or part-time status at Springfield College shall be eligible for membership in SSBD. It does not matter
what background they come from as long as they are willing to create, participate in, and maintain a relaxed atmosphere where people can share ideas, learn, grow, and establish friendship.
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