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Express shipping is the fastest and easiest mode of transportation from China to Canada. You can track your goods.

2. Express Service Process

China to Canada Shipping Time

Ship from china to Canada


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Sea shipping from china to uk

Shipping from china to uk


These documents are enough to finalize the customs clearance process. However, the authorities sometimes demand to see more documents, like certificates, permits, or licenses. You can count on us to support and guide you in this way.

Shipping from china to Korea

Air freight from china to Korea

Sea freight from china to Korea

Ocean freight from china to Korea

Door to door service from china to Korea

Ddp service from china to Korea


Here are the procedures of DDPCH :

  1. Fill and submit the quote.
    2. We reply within 12 hours.
    3.  we discuss our terms.
    4. We will book the space and checked everything.
    5. We arrange the inland delivery to warehouse.
  2. We will tell you the chargeable weight.
    7. You will pay the costs.
    8. Your shipment will be transported to the courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
    9. Wait for your goods to be reached you.

3. Product types ideal for express delivery

All courier companies (FedEx, UPS, DHL,…) use air freight to transport goods, so the delivery time and price are also flexible, similar to air freight.
Express shipping means urgent and faster delivery, with higher prices.

Customs Clearance in Canada

Once your goods enters the airport of Canada, you face customs inspection and clearance processes. Three of the things you must know are: document checklist, inspection process, and HS Codes and taxes.

Donghae, there is a shipyard company called SPP Shipbuilding.

DDPCH  offers sea freight services and full container (FCL) and (LCL).

istance in shipping your cargo from China, ddpch offers air freight, door to door service, courier service, sea freight, and more based on your needs.حمل بار هوایی ، ترخیص کالا ، ترخیص از گمرک ، حمل دریایی ، واردات کالا ، حمل بار از چین ، حمل بار هوایی از چین ، حمل بار دریایی از چین ، ترخیص کالا از گمرک ، پست اکسپرس بین المللی ، حواله یوان ، نرخ یوان ، حمل زمینی ، حمل بار از اروپا ، حمل زمینی بار ، کارگو چین ایران ، ترخیص در گمرک، حمل کالا از دبی ،حمل از چین به دبی ، حمل بار هوایی از دبی به ایران ، ترخیص در دبی ؛ حمل هوایی از دبی به ایران ، حمل دریایی از چین به دبی ، خرید از سایت های خارجی ، خرید از ایبی ، خرید از آمازون  Railway Canada’s relation with China is long and dates back to 1970 when diplomatic relations were established. Canada has an embassy in Beijing.

Sea Freight Rates

Since the transferring time and costs are so low between Korea and China, it is better to choose sea freight for transmit. You can also have more than one transfer. DDPCH works with all types of goods and so can provide all your needs and requirements. We fulfill your Ocean freight requests from China to Korea. Also, we offer insurance to prevent bad events. If any damage happen to your goods, your cargo will be refunded. Our purpose is to make the process of ocean shipping simple.

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Documents to be prepared

  1. a) Canada Customs Invoice or Commercial Invoice
    b) Packing List
    c) Bill of Lading
    d) Customs Bond
    e) Arrival Notice
    f) Commodity Specific Documentation
    g) Manifest or Cargo Control Document (CCD)
    h) Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)
    i) Import permits, certificates, etc.

Warehousing Services

warehousing services provide a cent

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ral location storage space for receiving, storing, and distributing goods. After the shipment arrives at the destination, the warehouse service will handle the goods transfers. In this way the goods will sorted and sent to the temporary address. Then, each order will be grouped, packaged, and checked, before sending to destination.

If you have suppliers in many different locations in China, then you need to integrate all the goods into the warehouse, wait for all the goods to reach, and then send your goods.

Shipping Insurance

It is recommended to purchase insurance through China Freight as your products have a long way to reach the destination and things may go wrong and there is no guarantee. Cargo insurance covers the loss or damage of goods during shipment and used to any mode of transportation (air, sea, or land).

Air Freight is the perfect choice for quick commercial cargo delivery. In this direction, the main products of air freight are those requiring rapid selling and repeated purchase in China. If you are shipping from China to Russia, read on to know why Choosing air freight service from China to Russia (Moscow) is the best option.

What to know about Moscow?

The historical capital of Russia, Moscow is the biggest and most populous city in the country. Moscow is a center of politics, business, culture, and science in Russian and Eastern Europe. A transit network serves the city, which includes: four international airports, nine train stations, multiple trams, a monorail system and one of the world’s longest underground rapid transit systems.

Shipping from China to Russia

China has become a notable strategic partner for Russia. In 2018, trade revenue between Russia and China increased by 28 percent, setting a high record of US$100 billion. Between China’s 10 greatest trade partners, Russia ranks first in the sense of growth in trade turnover.

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In October 2019, a direct e-commerce route for air cargo shipping from China to Russia was established. This air route connects the city of Hangzhou in eastern China to Moscow. This cargo flight takes approximately 12 hours from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to Moscow. There is one flight a day in this system and this number will increase in the busy shopping times of the year.

Moscow airport’s cargo terminal

Sheremetyevo airport is Europe’s first to serve eight Chinese airlines. Also, this airport provides a route network of 19 destinations between Russia and China.

Moreover, the largest airport in Russia, Moscow’s Sheremetyevo (SVO), and Moscow Cargo also established a joint cargo complex presentation. This cargo complex is conducted with their Chinese partners as part of a strategy to encourage more growth in the expansion of air shipping from China to Russia.

According to the Sheremetyevo airport, the new cargo terminal is designed to: meet growing market demand; provides an advanced high-quality infrastructure for air freight shipping from China to Russia.

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As a result, air cargo shipping from China to Russia has increased by 40%, while exports increased by 20%.

Air freight service from China to Russia

On one hand, Air freight service from China to Russia is rather pricey but at the same time the most convenient way. On the other hand, logistics and flight facilities have a very good build. There is a collection of international airports in China that enable shipments delivery to anywhere in the world.

Major features of air freight service from China to Russia

  • Speed: This feature is excellent for a quick delivery deadline;
  • An opportunity of shipping from China to Russia: delivering any type of goods is possible from China to any point of Russia;
  • Very Safe: Thanks to the relatively low accident rate and the advanced monitoring systems, air freight is the most convenient way of transporting proprietary, perishable and small goods;
  • No limitation on dimensions and weight of the cargo in air freight service from China to Russia.

Lastly, in case of any questions, you can contact our experts at DDPCH and inquire about air freight from China to Russia.


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