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Writing in longhand is also something you should consider when choosing your electronic note pad. There are the best digital notepad that allow you to do it with ease, where others require you to press a button and then wait for the right stroke, like a traditional pen-and-paper writing device.

But there is a good chance that even if you do go with the longhand writing feature, you may still end up using a stylus. The best tablet for taking handwritten notes does not require any special writing techniques or the need to be a visual thinker to be able to take notes that are clear and concise.

But if you're a teacher, writing a student's assignment or lesson plans on a lined, lined notebook and the best thing you can do is fill out the appropriate sections of the assignment, then a thicker, more robust paper might be better. I have seen some of the best ones with thick sheets of acid-free, lapped paper and thick interior covers.




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